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The ipv6mh list has concluded. The list will remain active for the time being but no new subscriptions are accepted. An offspring of this list is http://arneill-py.sacramento.ca.us/mhap/ (pardon the dust); ipv6mh members are not automatically signed up for the MHAP list.



- Develop IPv6 multihoming solutions that can be deployed in a reasonable amount of time (before aggregation is broken). No IPv6 multihoming, no IPv6.
- Solution spaces: solutions will not be restricted to site multihoming. Host solutions,  mobile solutions and others will be considered.
- Develop a common framework that will integrate and bind all solutions together.
- Avoid solutions that break the aggregation or push people to become pTLAs/LIRs for the sole purpose of having their prefix advertised in the Global Routing Table.
- It is not out of scope to discuss long-term solutions that require major undertakings (such as replacing BGP), but the focus should be on extracting out of these solutions the ideas that could be re-used for solutions that have a shorter time-to-market.



- Anybody can subscribe or unsubscribe by sending email to the webmaster. Subscribe. Subscription is subject to the webmaster and the list's approval, and is cancelable at any time without a reason.
- Post to the list with (ipv6mh) at the beginning of the subject line.
- Working documents might not have a boilerplate. This list or authors might allow their work to be implemented as a vendor proprietary solution.
- Political correctness is optional. "Complete crap" is a valid assessment of a solution or idea.
- It is ok to qualify something as crap. It is not ok not to give a rationale for it.
- No idea is too stupid to be discussed.
- There are no specific requirements for the quality of solutions. Requirement documents are to be used as a baseline only, and some of the requirements may be ignored for some solution spaces. The idea is to find out what we can actually deliver, not what we wish we could deliver. A bad solution is better than no solution at all.
-This list is not affiliated to the IETF.


Michel Py
Iljitsch van Beijnum

To-do list:

What Start End Status
- Write charter and rules. February 2002 July 2002 Complete
- Grow membership. February 2002 In progress
- Agenda for February-March, 2003 February 2003   In progress
- Begin to write common framework. February 2003 In progress
- Lobby vendors. Not started




Author / Editor is member of the List


Working document for the List.



W framework requirements 0.1
W The big picture


  The never-ending multi6 requirements
  Mike O'Dell's draft-ipng-gseaddr-00.txt
  Steve Bellovin's esd-secure.txt
  Mike O'Dell's draft-odell-8+8-00.txt
  J. Noel Chiappa's multihoming points
  J. Noel Chiappa's endpoints
  Paul Francis' francis94comparison.pdf
  Richard Draves' RFC3484 (was:ipv6-default-addr-select-09.txt)
  Eric Hoffman and K Claffy's Geographic Addressing Reconsidered
32-bit ASN draft draft-ietf-idr-as4bytes-06.txt


Geographical data:

These files are .dbf. The data source is the United Nations statistics division's "Capital cities and cities of 100,000 and more inhabitants" (no longer available on the UN's web site). The tables format is documented in "Data tables structure").

  United Nations Statistics Division
W Global IPv6 geo Allocation (.txt)
W Generation code 1.03 (.txt)
W Country Capitals and assimilated (.dbf)
W Zones (.dbf)
W Cities (.dbf)
W Data tables structure
M Tony Hain's ipv6piaddressusage-04.txt
M Tony Hain's ipv6piaddressformat-04.txt


Router solutions:

  MHAP has moved here 2003-03-13
W Iljitsch's "geo for now" 2002-10-24
W Iljitsch and Michel's GAPI, initial release 2002-10-28
M Dual Homing Experiment text.pdf 2003-03-19


Host solutions:

W Marcelo's draft-bagnulo-mhExtHdr-00.txt
W Christian Huitema's draft-huitema-multi6-hosts-01.txt
M draft-bagnulo-multi6-mnm-00.txt
  Lode Coene's draft-coene-sctp-multihome-03.txt



M Christian's IETF 56 Dual Homing Experiment.ppt
M draft-kurtis-multihoming-00.pdf
M Pekka Nikander's DoCoMo-hip-slides.pdf
M Pekka Nikander's HIP-NDSS-slides.pdf
M Pedro Aranda IPv6 multihoming (.pdf)
M Jeff's IPv6 Transition.ppt (.ppt)
M Iljitsch's RIPE 44 presentation
M Michel 's IETF-55 MHAP presentation (.ppt)
M Michel 's IETF-55 MHAP presentation (.pdf)
M Michel and Iljistch's IETF-55 6bone presentation (.ppt)
M Michel and Iljistch's IETF-55 6bone presentation (.pdf)
M Christian's IETF-55 ipv6mh presentation (.ppt)
M Christian's IETF-55 ipv6mh presentation (.pdf)
  Lode Coene's IETF-55 ipv6mh presentation (.ppt)
  Lode Coene's IETF-55 ipv6mh presentation (.pdf)
M Francis Dupont's HIP (pdf)
M Michel and Iljistch's IETF-53 presentation (.ppt)
  Steve Deering's Sep99 overview of IP(v6) multihoming issues (.pdf)
  Steve Deering's map-n-encap.pdf
  Steve Deering's metro-addr-slides-jul95.pdf


Drafts from the dark side:

M draft-kurtis-multihoming-longprefix-00.txt


Long term solutions:

M Iljitsch van Beijnum's bitmap routing


The mulsixhomer's reading list:

  RFC 2772
  RFC 3513
  RFC 2460
  IPv6 Address Allocation and Assignment Global Policy 2002-06-26
  The IETF RFC page
  IETF Internet Drafts
  William Norton's "Internet Service Providers 1.91" (pdf)
  William Norton's "A business case for ISP peering 1.2" (pdf)
  William Norton's "The Art of Peering - The Peering Playbook v1.2" (pdf)


Misc. and expired drafts:

M Marcelo Bagnulo's draft-bagnulo-multi6-survey6-00.txt
M Marcelo Bagnulo's taxonomy
M Glenn Morrow's draft-morrow-mipv6-zod-01.txt
M draft-ietf-ngtrans-6bone-multi-01.txt
  Enke Chen's draft-ietf-idr-symm-multi-prov-02.txt
  James Kempf's draft-kempf-secure-nd-01.txt
  Eric Hoffman and K Claffy's Geographic Addressing Reconsidered


Sites of interest:

Cisco's IPv6 page
Tom Lohdan's IPv6 Info/Links
Bob Moskowitz' HIP page

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